Music Education in the Homeschool Classroom

Parents who homeschool are always looking for ways to enhance the education they bring to their children.  As musicians, it’s easy to find ways to bring music appreciation into our teachings.  However, not everyone is a musician or has multiple instruments available for their children

Benefits of early music education

While there are varying opinions on the benefits of early music education in early childhood, one thing is certain: children love the sound of music and they enjoy making sounds and noises.  We believe that the earlier children are exposed to music in a positive manner, the more likel

Educational Technology: The Experts Behind the AtPlayMusic App

AtPlayMusic is the brainchild of co-founders “Imaginologist” Gary Meyer and Musicologist Dr. Layton James. Meyer, is CEO. He has founded and co-founded numerous software-based companies, which have produced educational tools and content for teachers and sports coaches. An