8 Tips for Beginner Guitar Students

Are you interested in learning to play the guitar?  It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but everyone starts at the beginning with the same challenges.  To help make your musical journey as enjoyable as possible, here are a few tips to get you started. Choose the right guitar. If

How to Choose a Beginner Band Instrument

As a parent of three kids who have all joined the beginner band in 6th grade, choosing the best beginner band instrument can be both exciting and terrifying.   The instrument your child picks at the beginning will have a huge impact on whether or not they are successful. To help you i

Music for Beginners: Your Child’s First Instrument

We’re all familiar with the bird-like sounds of the recorder, which for many schoolchildren is the first musical instrument they learn to play. So why is it that music instructors around the globe have decided the recorder is the best instrument to teach music for beginners? And are t